Picture day for an office, yourself, or a family often starts with stress, right? Outfits, getting there on time, getting everything just-so. Try to keep the planning simple. Let everyone pick from favorites that already suit the day, keep hair and makeup to basics. Is it easy? No. But ... try to let the experience stay light and I'll do the rest!


When selecting what to wear, keep where in mind. A bold pattern in front of a brick or brightly tiled wall with take focus from the people and put it on the patterns. Stick with solids in neutrals for bold space or jewel tones with a soft background. Consider what your space will be and plan to stand out!

Planning tip: family or group photos can be complementary without being matchy-matchy. Look for coordinating, rather than matched, patterns and colors.


Photographs of your family memories are about faces, expressions, and captured natural interactions. Headshots should say hello and represent your truest self. During your session, we will move, talk, and laugh! All manner of portraits benefit from a simple approach to capturing the moment.

Planning tip: when planning hair and makeup, when you look back on the memory, let it be you that stands out. Consider your usual daily style -that's who you are introducing!


If we can't have fun and keep the pressure off, it will show! Some children will ham-it-up and some will give only a shy look in family and individual photos. Some adults freeze up when a camera is pointed at them. We will keep our time together as light as we can. Outtakes are so fun, but having the special snap is important!

Planning tip: bring along a favorite toy for small kiddos and feel free to share topics and favorites that I can use to help kids feel at ease during the shoot. Even kids I know will sometimes need a little extra when faced with the big lens.